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Literacy Haiku

Choose any topic you would like to write a haiku about, this could be an animal, season or a setting. Remember that a verse in a haiku only consists of 3 lines and there is a strict syllable pattern (5, 7, 5). Of course you can write more than one verse to include more detail but you don’t need to worry about fitting it into 100 words.

Literacy Homework 26th April

Over the last couple of weeks we have been writing ‘100 Word Challenges’ which use prompts, either a picture or a series of individual words to encourage children to write. Here is one for your homework:

…the green shoots could just be seen…

Rememebr to choose your 100 words carefully.

100 Word Challenge

We miss Izzy!

Hi Izzy,

It was nice to see you visiting our blog. We’re glad that you’ve made new friends. Please don’t lose contact with us. This post is to ensure that you don’t. We believe that you are coming back to Manchester this weekend – yeah!

Love all your old class!

Santa’s Christmas Circus Extravaganza

Wow, what a performance – you were great children, I’m so proud of you all!

Our Christmas Production on PhotoPeach

African Masks Part 3

Our finished projects

African Day

Just look at all the fun we had on our African day. I felt exceptionally proud of you all when you all performed to key stage 2 and your parents. What did you enjoy most about the day?

African Masks Part 2

African Masks Part 1

Over the last two weeks we have been researching, designing, modifying and creating African Masks. Can you write some instructions so that other people could make an African Mask? Use the photographs to help you to remember the process we went through.

Global Workshop

Thank you to Chorlton High’s year 8 pupils who recently ran a Global Workshop with our year 4 children. The children learnt about the culture of lots of different countries and also played some games.